I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an EMDR trained therapist offering traditional therapy and EMDR.  I live in Asheville, NC and work with both adults and elders (65+) offering individual therapy.


I am known for my patience in allowing clients to move at their own pace while giving feedback when appropriate. I offer a warm, caring presence and a safe place to step out of your comfort zone and move on your own individual path toward healing and resolution.


Treatment specialization includes:


Anxiety and Trauma

- Anxiety

- Adult children of alcoholic, borderline or narcissistic parents

- Chronic pain

- Developmental trauma (distressed relationships with attachment figures)

- EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for trauma of any kind

- Emotional or verbal abuse inflicted during childhood

- Flashbacks

- Insomnia and disturbed sleep

- Military, police or fire-fighter trauma

- Narcissistic relationships

- Nightmares

- Physical abuse inflicted during childhood

- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

- Panic Attacks

- Phobias

- Sexual abuse inflicted during childhood

- Shame or low self-esteem/self confidence

- Spiritual abuse

- Traumatic memories

- War veteran trauma


LGBT Community

- Gender  or Sexual Identity Issues

- Social stigma, stress and anxiety experienced by LGBT individuals 

- Anxiety/Depression

          - Bullying

          - Chronic Stress

          - Coming out

          - Conflicting Norms, Values, and Beliefs

          - Discrimination

          - Embracing/Affirming Gay Identity

          - Gender or Sexual Identity Issues

          - Intimacy Issues

          - Newly diagnosed/Living with HIV

          - Oppression

          - Partner/Family Relationship Concerns 

          - Spirituality/Religion

          - Social Rejection

          - Social stigma, stress and anxiety experienced by LGBT individuals

- Workplace Issues


Life Transition and Stress Management

- Life Transition and Career/Workplace difficulties, including career changes later in life

- Stress Management/Coping Strategies


Relationship and Grief and Loss Counseling

- Changing negative Core Beliefs

- Codependency issues

- Depression

- Grief and Loss Counseling

- Relationship/divorce issues

Keith Idell


Licensed Clinical Social Worker and EMDR Therapist


And the day came when the need to open up was less painful than the need to remain closed. - Anonymous